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Do you need a writer with a deep understanding of the tech industry and its lingo?  Do you wish your freelance writers understood not just how to write, but the technical items they are writing about?  Do you want your technical campaigns to be accurate, but accessible and compelling?  Then you should hire Jonathan today!

In my years in the tech industry, I have been able to read many white papers, case studies, and email campaigns.  Some were written by people that clearly did not understand the technology involved, thus reducing the credibility of the company.  Others were so jam-packed with jargon and “tech-ese” that they were hard to understand, and non-technical people would be at a loss.

What you need is something that is technically accurate, while accessible.  It also needs to be compelling, with a strong call-to-action.  After all, a campaign is no good if it does not result in action and sales!  I will provide you with compelling copy for whitepapers, case studies, emails, and more.

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